About DJ Just IN!

About DJ Just INAs a young child Justin was inclined toward music, from his first record player at 2 to traveling the world with the renowned Berkeley High Jazz band, his amorous relationship with music of all genres has never hit a sour note. He grew up listening to the original KBLX and KMEL on his way to trumpet, drum and piano lessons. His knowledge and love of music translates into a repertoire of eclectic records which he manipulates to create smooth gracefully orchestrated and satisfyingly harmonic transitions.

Flash forward a few years and meet DJ Just- IN!, a crowd pleasing energetic DJ whose contagious persona pours out from behind the mixer. Clients and crowds can’t resist his knack for drawing people to the dance floor even when there isn’t one, and getting the whole place buzzing. Working with event planners and couples he has produced wedding ceremonies and receptions that have clients and guests’ alike raving about their experience. DJ Just-IN’s varied club appearances have led to a residency at Parliament’s House Party where he spins everything you want to hear from the 90s to today!

So get ready because it’s time to get in the mix with DJ Just-IN!